One of us!

So you want to join us!

What would one be signing up for in joining the wonderful world of AH Kingdoms? Only the opportunity to have the most fun anybody could have on any server with the friendliest people you should ever come across. Not only do we all spend time together each day doing a variety of things, every Thursday night the community comes together to take part in our weekly Let's Play, where we all take part in fun activities as put on by the wonderful Guardians who always make our playing experiences as exciting as possible. In short? A great staff, great people and a thrilling journey just waiting to be had.

If you're interested in joining our growing family here on AH Kingdoms, the way to apply is easy as can be! Simply fill in the details required to the side, and one of our trusted Guardians will move without haste in welcoming you to the community.

If before joining you want to have a look at the people you'll be playing with, you can chat to us on our discord server!